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Our Story

Deft Media Solutions was started in 2014 to change the perception of the small Internet Marketing companies. Alex and Ross saw the need for a better approach to Search Engine Optimization as well as Web Design & Development. The focus would be on the client's needs, not the corporate bottom line. In order to facilitate that plan effectively, they decided to break the industry wide open.

Alex Savage | Search Engine Optimization Alex

Alex Savage graduated Full Sail University in 2007 with a degree in Digital Media. Since then he has been freelancing on various digital media projects while working professionally in the digital print and online advertising industries. As an account executive in the Boston Metro market, he has learned about business to business sales extensively while working closely with a wide range of small businesses. Over the past seven years he has developed a concentrated focus on search engine optimization and search engine marketing, becoming Google AdWords certified. Alex co-founded Deft Media Solutions, LLC to put your business on the map.

Ross Kenney | Web Design & Development Ross

Like many of his peers, the foundation of Ross' skill set was formed by self education. From a young age, an interest in programming set the course to eventually learn what made the Internet work, and over time Ross refined his focus to Web Design and Development. Since then he has worked in the Health Insurance sector creating internal web applications as well as freelance work for small businesses. Ross co-founded Deft Media Solutions, LLC to create a small business that will deliver personalized service and results.

We want to go to battle with you.

Our goal is to serve your small business by making sure you have the best online presence possible. The internet can be a daunting place but we have the knowledge and skills to help your business succeed online. We can help you compete locally against the biggest of companies in the search engine results. This allows the locals and tourists alike to know about your awesome business. When you contact us you always hear back directly from Ross and Alex. In fact, you work with Ross and Alex exclusively throughout the entire process. No automated answering service, no hot shot account executives, no big wig sales managers, no fulfillment team halfway across the country, no billing department in corporate headquarters. Just Ross and Alex rolling up their sleeves and going to work for you.