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Here is a fresh look at the new responsive Deft site and what it looks like on different platforms. When we create a site for you we make sure that all browsers such as Chrome and Firefox (even Internet Explorer 8) look and work the same.

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Looking for your company to show up on the first page of google. Look no further… Deft Media Solutions has you covered. Send us an email or call and we will help your business get to that first page!

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If you need an apartment in the city of Boston, look no further. Mike Weafer over at Flathound Realty rents apartments all over Boston. We built the site for Flathound which was designed for cross browser and all platforms (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop.)

Link: Check out one of our recents

Why Build a Blog?

There are many reasons that a blog can help your company. One of the main reasons that we recomend them is to keep your site relevant with new content. An article we recently read had the following as their number two reason. "Blogging helps you drive traffic to your website (great for SEO). Every time you write a blog post that includes a few relevant keywords, you’re increasing your chances of people being able to find your company on search engines. Blogs usually fare pretty well on search engines like Google because they’re updated regularly, and Google definitely prefers dynamic websites to static ones." For the full article see: Why have a business blog? | J6 Tips.